The Art of David Herrerias


David Herrerias is a self–taught artist born in Mexico City in 1982.

His work has been exhibited at ‘Murmurs Beyond the Grave’ in Los Angeles in 2014, Kulturhuset Nordvest, HDDT, Copenhagen in 2015, Mortlake and Co., ‘Witch-ikon: An Exhibition of Contemporary Witchcraft Imagery’, Seattle in 2017, among others.

Some of his paintings and drawings have been featured in music releases as album covers and he has illustrated books from publishers such as Ixaxaar, Anathema Publishing and Ex Occidente Press with ‘The Whore is this Temple’. He has also had artwork featured in Clavis and worked with Three Hands Press in recent years. Atramentous Press has lately been working closely with David and is currently taking orders for David’s debut ‘The Book of Q’ab iTz’.

David currently resides in Gothenberg, Sweden having moved there in 2006, and it is in this location that he continues to work as a practitioner of the crooked path and aspiring artist.