Standing at the Crossroads: The Witching-Other

Peter Hamilton-Giles

September 2018

The second volume of the Witching-Other is progressing at some pace and should be completed by mid-summer based on the current rate of writing. Whereas the first volume introduced the reader to the notion of the witching-other in fairly broad terms, this second volume goes into much greater detail by discussing witch related attention, subjective appearance, along with disentangling the processes that assist in the intended acquisition of witchcraft meaning between practitioner and the witching-other.

The title of the second volume implies the course of the book, for it opens up the subject by addressing how we acquire knowledge about the witch and what comes into play for this to have any substantial meaning for the beholder. Standing at the Crossroads suggests the route to learning more involves having to subject established knowledge to the vagaries of expression. While there are many paths one can tread, by which a greater understanding about witchcraft can be achieved, it is argued here that apprehension can only ever be truly accomplished if we concern ourselves with the emplacement of belief in the Other. It then becomes a requisite expectation for all practitioners, along with those generally interested in the witchcraft subject, to explore how we come to relate to the witch through how we understand ourselves, for it is here at the heart of our becoming that ways of knowing are born.

Peter Hamilton-Giles has also authored The Witching-Other through Atramentous Press plus The Afflicted Mirror: The Study of Ordeals and Making of Compacts and The Baron Citadel: The Book of the Four Ways both of which were published by Three Hands Press. 

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The Book of the Black Dragon

Peter Hamilton-Giles

Anticipated 2018

A grimoire in every respect this instructive piece of work should be regarded as a companion to the Dragon Book of Essex by Andrew D. Chumbley. As co-founder Peter Hamilton-Giles steers the practitioner towards addressing that which resides beneath and is therefore not so concerned with stellar transmissions. Building on the work that the author did with Chumbley at the time of the Dragon Column’s inception this work primarily focuses on the telluric/chthonic attributes and is therefore orientated towards working with those that have passed into the beyond. Accompanying the work will be meditative axioms of insight from which an overall sorcerous demeanour will be encouraged and furthermore inculcated. The book will be accompanied by a plethora of illustrations by Carolyn Hamilton-Giles.

It is the hope of Atramentous Press that this will be completed by the beginning of the summer and we plan to produce two books for the deluxe edition, one will be the working grimoire, the other will incorporate both the working cunning man book of olde and the meditative axioms.

Peter Hamilton-Giles has also authored The Witching-Other through Atramentous Press plus The Afflicted Mirror: The Study of Ordeals and Making of Compacts and The Baron Citadel: The Book of the Four Ways both of which were published by Three Hands Press. 

 Archaic traces in the Witch's Rock, Andorra

Archaic traces in the Witch's Rock, Andorra

Gods, Spirits and the Pyrenean Complex

Martin Locker

Anticipated Late 2018

Despite separating France and Spain, two of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, the Pyrenees has preserved a certain mystique as a wild, sparsely populated mountain range, where legends and traditions continue unabated by modernity. Unlike their Alpine counterpart, the Pyrenees contain rugged, broken terrain that holds a savage beauty, and has some of the earliest evidence of human occupation in Europe. This enduring prehistoric presence, coupled with the unique Basque culture, Roman and Iberian occupations, and the relative isolation of many communities, has culminated in one of the Pyrenees containing a varied series of rural traditions, many of which relate to witchcraft, pre-Christian practises and herb-lore.

The aim of this book is to explore the archaeological and folkloric evidence for these practises, tracing their possible evolution from prehistoric cults, the introduction of Classical and Iberian deities, and the synthesis of these traditions with Christian praxis which culminated in the infamous Basque witch trials of the 17th century. Pagan and Christian practises linked to rural life, witchcraft, divination and luck bringing/cursing will be explored, as will select pre-Christian cults. The book initially will provide a chronological history of the region from Prehistory to the 20th century, taking into account the influences of the Roman, Iberian and Basque pantheons in the development of Pyrenean religious culture. It will then use this historical outline to frame the proceeding chapters, which will investigate various folkloric, archaic and malefic elements of Pyrenean traditions and practises.

An appendix will also be included, which will outline the principle archaeological sites mentioned in the book, as well as a brief compendium of herb-lore gathered from the book’s research. The latter may indicate a direction for a future volume, should the data be sufficient.

Martin Locker has over a decade of experience in archaeology, both academic and field, and gained his doctorate in Medieval archaeology from University College London in 2013. He has published a variety of papers in books and journals, organised several academic conferences (including some with the Folkore Society), and excavated around Europe. He now lives and works in the Pyrenees as a freelance archaeologist, editor, tour manager and writer, and his various research interests in folklore and archaeology prompted him to found the Perennial Pyrenees project ( in mid-2017. This is his first book with Atramentous Press.



Ritual Space and the Crooked Path Beyond

Peter Hamilton-Giles, photographic contributions by Daniel Yates and illustrations by Carolyn Hamilton-Giles.

Anticipated Late 2018

All ritual actions are undertaken in a specified space, one which is defined by its general separation from the everyday. In this forthcoming book Peter Hamilton-Giles looks at the ways in which the practitioner colonises space so as to distinguish its presence from the norm. Working from his personal artefact collection Hamilton-Giles allows the book to subtly explore the use of place and space. To further increase the impact of this explorative narrative the book will contain a visually heavy aspect using renowned photographer Daniel Yates, who has managed to capture on film, for the very first time, the intimacy between artefacts and the greater ritual space. This will through the work of Yates be the first time a crooked path altar has been documented, but there is more to this than just the photographic eye being cast over the making of ritual space, for as a further addition Carolyn Hamilton-Giles has been invited to contribute illustrations that will act as an extrapolation of what the human eye is capable of seeing. Thus the book will move towards what we are capable of imagining from having come into contact with a living ritual space, while extending an invitation to consider how this might inform various sorcerous expressions of being.

Work on this book will commence during the summer and Atramentous Press are hopeful that the written aspect will be completed by the end of 2018.

Peter Hamilton-Giles has also authored The Witching-Other through Atramentous Press plus The Afflicted Mirror: The Study of Ordeals and Making of Compacts and The Baron Citadel: The Book of the Four Ways both of which were published by Three Hands Press. 

Daniel Yates is an occult photographer with an upcoming book release entitled Arcanum via Hellfire Club Books. His work can also be found in Witch-Ikon: Witchcraft in Art and Artefact and on the cover of the upcoming Wyrd: Volume 3 both from Three Hands Press. His art has been exhibited in both Liverpool and Manchester with a solo exhibition scheduled for 2018 in London. You can learn more about him at

Carolyn’s artwork along with her ability to evoke the inner dimensions of the Other and the daemonic presence within came to prominence with the publication of Peter Hamilton-Giles’ first book The Afflicted Mirror. Since then she has been featured in journals as well as having had her artwork exhibited in Los Angeles. As her repertoire has grown she has made artwork available to buy, has taken on commission work, along with being involved in all subsequent publications by Peter Hamilton-Giles. Carolyn over the course of the three books she has been involved in, with the latter being The Witching-Other, has also honed the craft for exceptional book covers. Drawing on Victorian book aesthetics these have defined a new style of presentation for occult and esoteric works.