The Atramentous Press has been initiated as a platform for exploring the mystical and philosophical approaches found in and amongst traditional practices. Encompassing the world of western occultism from Traditional Witchcraft to Ceremonial Magic, from indigenous folkloric practices both here and abroad, to the bringing together of cross-cultural images and beliefs through the formation of innovative magical expressions, this publishing company has been formed to propagate knowledge through new ways of knowing. It is our aim to open up the debate about how meaning, history, knowledge, magic, superstition, and folklore are understood and applied in various cultural religious practice based settings. Underwriting our focus is the use of critical analysis, and it is here at the forefront of innovative spiritual endeavour and expression, both through narrative and art that Atramentous Press intends to provide opportunities for practitioners and researchers alike to comprehend that which compels us to believe in something other than ourselves.

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