Book Announcement - Standing at the Crossroads

Standing at the Crossroads: The Witching-Other

Peter Hamilton-Giles

September 2018

The second volume of the Witching-Other is progressing at some pace and should be completed by mid-summer based on the current rate of writing. Whereas the first volume introduced the reader to the notion of the witching-other in fairly broad terms, this second volume goes into much greater detail by discussing witch related attention, subjective appearance, along with disentangling the processes that assist in the intended acquisition of witchcraft meaning between practitioner and the witching-other.

The title of the second volume implies the course of the book, for it opens up the subject by addressing how we acquire knowledge about the witch and what comes into play for this to have any substantial meaning for the beholder. Standing at the Crossroads suggests the route to learning more involves having to subject established knowledge to the vagaries of expression. While there are many paths one can tread, by which a greater understanding about witchcraft can be achieved, it is argued here that apprehension can only ever be truly accomplished if we concern ourselves with the emplacement of belief in the Other. It then becomes a requisite expectation for all practitioners, along with those generally interested in the witchcraft subject, to explore how we come to relate to the witch through how we understand ourselves, for it is here at the heart of our becoming that ways of knowing are born.

Peter Hamilton-Giles has also authored The Witching-Other through Atramentous Press plus The Afflicted Mirror: The Study of Ordeals and Making of Compacts and The Baron Citadel: The Book of the Four Ways both of which were published by Three Hands Press. 

Carolyn Hamilton