Book Announcement - The Book of the Black Dragon

The Book of the Black Dragon

Peter Hamilton-Giles

Anticipated 2018

A grimoire in every respect this instructive piece of work should be regarded as a companion to the Dragon Book of Essex by Andrew D. Chumbley. As co-founder Peter Hamilton-Giles steers the practitioner towards addressing that which resides beneath and is therefore not so concerned with stellar transmissions. Building on the work that the author did with Chumbley at the time of the Dragon Column’s inception this work primarily focuses on the telluric/chthonic attributes and is therefore orientated towards working with those that have passed into the beyond. Accompanying the work will be meditative axioms of insight from which an overall sorcerous demeanour will be encouraged and furthermore inculcated. The book will be accompanied by a plethora of illustrations by Carolyn Hamilton-Giles.

It is the hope of Atramentous Press that this will be completed by the beginning of the summer and we plan to produce two books for the deluxe edition, one will be the working grimoire, the other will incorporate both the working cunning man book of olde and the meditative axioms.

Peter Hamilton-Giles has also authored The Witching-Other through Atramentous Press plus The Afflicted Mirror: The Study of Ordeals and Making of Compacts and The Baron Citadel: The Book of the Four Ways both of which were published by Three Hands Press. 

Carolyn Hamilton