Announcement: The Book of Q'Ab-iTz


Atramentous Press are delighted to announce we have now contracted renowned artist, occultist, and seer David Herrerias to our ranks for his forthcoming work concerning the extrapolation of the Dragon Book of Essex. The Book of Q'Ab-iTz brings an altogether different feel to Andrew Chumbleys' Dragon Book of Essex. Written principally in Spanish the book will be comprised of two versions, one in David's native tongue and one translated into English. Among these most enchanted pages we find the artistic descendant to Austin Osman Spare, for David's work truly captures and then transcends the spirit of Spare and Chumbley. What we then have with The Book of Q'Ab-iTz is the contemporary expression of the ophidian current as captured by a dedicated practitioner.

As a consequence, this work not only brings further insight to manifesting the crooked path, but stands alone as a superlative manifestation of the Dragons' Column for which the Dragon Book of Essex was first designed.

Carolyn Hamilton