The Stones of the Book

What follows is a guest post from one of our upcoming authors, David Herrerias.

The stones of the book Q'Ab iTz fell one by one after some years of dream incubation and spiritual practice, but ultimately materialized a few days before the fall of the Seventh tide, during the year of 'SA', being the second year of practice of the Dragon Book of Essex. At the time lucid dreaming was already accomplished, so I felt the urge to proceed towards the axis where the Three roads meet (i.e. Awakening, Dreaming and Deep-Sleeping). The axis is in fact the Fourth road, where the very Sabbath is revealed.  So it was that my next task dictated by Q'Ab iTz was to cast myself upon the labyrinth Path of the Sabbatic Alfabet that I might intensely work with each letter after the Hiero Gamos of the year of 'BA' had commenced.  Since then I have meticulously recorded daily that which has been experienced while journeying through these realms. As a result of these journeys I preceded to decode the oracles given therein until the next Hiero Gamos turned, being the year and a day of 'BA'. One particular truth came to me however during these exploratory advances into the beyond, that having Immersed myself into the labyrinth Path of the Sabbatic Alfabet there was no longer the option of returning to who I had once been.

The Book of Q'Ab iTz continues to reveal its secrets, without giving prefatory clues on where I may be heading next. This has allowed this first manifestation of the manuscript to be perceived as the sacred stones echoing the heritage of the ophidian current, as well as illuminating the legacy of my spiritual ancestors (i.e. Andrew D. Chumbley and Austin O. Spare).

The manuscript speaks without relying on words and grammar, but instead favours signs, oracles and riddles, with the sole-purpose that it might speak in tongues familiar to all.  Before the word there was silence and it is here at this pre-aware stage that our intention to achieve genuine communication with our Otherness is initiated. For here intuition resides as a gatekeeper, all one needs to do is open the portal to the many djinns, dakinis, angels and satyrs mingling in and amongst the pages of The Book of Q’Ab iTz to find the Peacock Dragon emblazoned on our hearts. 

To conclude, I would like to make clear that it is not my intent with the Book of Q'Ab iTz to give an ultimate interpretation of 'The Dragon Book of Essex', but simply to show a tiny glimpse of the oracles given under the second year of practicing it, being seven in total (i.e. HU, SA, BA, KU, LA, TAN, HUA) being the year of 'SA' when the book of Q´Ab iTz was born and the year of 'BA' the year of revelation of the meaning of the 22 Sabbatic letters. However, I would like to show one of  the endless faces of these complex rites during the second year and what this particularly period unveiled to me. 

There is also much to be said around the Book of QÁb iTz and its interpretation, but they will come when the tide is right to give a broader explanation. For now, the intent of its publication is to try and cast some Light upon the body and its Shadow, as well as showing respect to my Brothers and Sisters who have cast themselves to such a tough endeavour. 


Carolyn Hamilton