The primary publication goal of Atramentous Press is to offer an academic and insightful corpus of texts

that further the fields of history, magic, superstition and folklore.


The Book of Q’ab iTz appears as the vessel for the sorcerer, for contained within is the evidence of a practitioner who has dedicated the past few years to the arte magical. It is in light of this quite exquisite emanation that Atramentous Press is very proud to announce the publication of David Herrerias’ first work. As an artist and practitioner of the crooked path he has emerged as a contemporary mystic. With a similar style to Austin Osman Spare and Andrew Chumbley, The Book of Q’ab iTz will surely be regarded as the most revered enchiridion for the dreaming Self.


Truth is based on censoring that which might undermine alternative rationales, and so it is with how the existential witch has been accommodated by practitioners as the icon for folk based practices. Typically this stereotypical inclusion has up to now involved the appropriation of the most revered historical opposition to Christian patriarchy i.e. the witch, so that he or she might become a conduit for justifying rationales for qualifying alternative occult belief systems. Challenging the common consensus on engagement, we find Peter Hamilton-Giles in “Standing at the Crossroads: Dialectics of the Witching-Other” addressing ongoing silences embedded within the connectivity being felt towards the existential witch. Appealing to novices and experienced veterans of witchcraft alike this work casts a new light on the conditions informing how we come to embrace the witch.


Welsh Witches: Narratives of Witchcraft and Magic from 16th- and 17th-century Wales

Richard Suggett

Witchcraft was not perceived as a pandemic threat in Wales compared to the rest of Europe. In Richard Suggett’s  new book he brings to the reader for the very first time the documents relating to witchcraft, magic, and faeries according to the people who were there at the time. This window into the past has often been obscured by the prevalent pamphlet literature,  and whereas across Britain there is little that remains of the pre-trial indictments, Suggett has discovered a plethora of accounts recorded at the time in the archive of the National Library of Wales. As a consequence Welsh Witches is a vital contributor for understanding the imagination and reality of witchcraft and related practices in a way which has not for the most part been achieved before.


The Witching-Other

The Witching-Other: Explorations and Meditations on the Existential Witch by Peter Hamilton-Giles, instigator and co-founder of the Dragon's Column being the body of initiates that went on to contribute material that would eventually be featured albeit in edited form in Andrew Chumbleys' Dragon Book of Essex.

To propose there is something ‘other’ to the witch might seem counter-intuitive, especially so since conjugating the witch into witching suggests particular agentive actions and decisions have already been made about the topic. One where the action of witching is then further hyphenated with the other must then result in increasing this level of obfuscation to new heights.