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Peter Hamilton-Giles

Peter Hamilton-Giles is an author and researcher of the esoteric, academically trained in anthropology and religious studies his primary interest is in occult philosophy. He is co-founder of the Dragons’ Column along with Andrew Chumbley. His first book was The Afflicted Mirror published by Three Hands Press in 2013, this was followed by The Baron Citadel also published by Three Hands Press in 2015, since then he has written two books for Atramentous Press, his first was The Witching-Other published in 2017 which was followed by Standing at the Crossroads in 2018. He is currently working on the long anticipated follow up to the Dragon Book of Essex (A.D.Chumbley, 2014), Book of the Black Dragon. His primary interests are in Phenomenology and Hermeneutics and how these apply to an occult context.

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Carolyn Hamilton-Giles

Carolyn Hamilton-Giles is a self-taught artist and has had her work featured in a number of Three Hands Press titles, these include the journal Clavis, The Baron Citadel, Witch-Ikon, The Witching-Other, as well as being included in a THP art exhibition in Los Angeles in 2011. Using techniques such as automatic drawing and trance induced separation, Carolyn has created a unique form of art that has included creating covers for Atramentous Press books.  


Kathryn Elizabeth Hawthorn

Kathryn is an Alumna of the Royal College of Music, London who’s Masters Degree in Historical Performance has deeply influenced her magical work. Kathryn’s writing draws upon her career as an academic musician and professional Cellist who has performed with Orchestras and Ensembles across the UK and throughout Europe and America for twenty years. Kathryn’s personal praxis includes a diverse range of inspirations such as the writings and music of Hildegard of Bingen, Sabbatic Craft and the symbolism of colour and perspective in Orthodox Iconography. Her work is heavily focused upon the inter-relationship between music and the sacred image in ritual throughout history and its relevance to the modern day practitioner, an aspect which she has explored through working with the closed magical group, The Order of the Emerald Flame which she founded in 2009. Kathryn has previously written articles for The Witches’ Almanac and in her forthcoming book Ritual Resonance: Contemporary Applications of Music in Magical Praxis, she explores the utilisation of music to transcend cultural, religious and spiritual boundaries, incorporating historical approaches and attitudes towards music within a contemporary methodology.  Kathryn currently lives in Wales, UK.

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David Herrerias

David Herrerias is a self–taught artist born in Mexico City in 1982. His work has been exhibited at Murmurs Beyond the Grave in Los Angeles in 2014, Kulturhuset Nordvest, HDDT, Copenhagen in 2015, Mortlake and Co., Witch-ikon: An Exhibition of Contemporary Witchcraft Imagery, Seattle in 2017, among others.

Some of his paintings and drawings have been featured in music releases as album covers and illustrated books from publishers such as Ixaxaar, Anathema Publishing and Ex Occidente Press with The Whore is this Temple. He has also had artwork featured in Clavis and worked with Three Hands Press in recent years. Atramentous Press has lately been working closely with David and is currently taking orders for David’s debut The Book of Q’ab iTz. David currently resides in Gothenberg, Sweden having moved there in 2006, and it is in this location that he continues to work as a practitioner of the crooked path and aspiring artist.

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Júlia Semproniana

Júlia Semproniana is a researcher, practitioner, and teacher and of Pyrenean Metzineria ('Poison Making') and Bruixeria ('Witchcraft'). She is a co-founder of Occvlta, an endeavor focused on crafting high-quality herbal products and artifacts, as well as on contributing to the divulgation of witchcraft and magical herbalism history and tradition among the general public through collaboration with museums and the like. She is one of the founding members of the Gremi de l’Art, an initiative whose goal is to spread the magical traditions and lore of the Iberian peninsula through academic insight and both individual and collective practice. She currently resides in the Pyrenees of Catalonia and the focus of her work revolves around the awakening and remembrance of forgotten Witch and Plant Lore.


Richard Suggett

Richard Suggett is a historian, currently senior investigator at the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales, and Honorary Fellow of the University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies.  He is the author of the A  History of Magic and Witchcraft in Wales (2005) as well as studies on the architecture and social history of medieval and later Wales. Through Atramentous Press he has released Welsh Witches (2018).


Daniel Yates

Theology researcher, folklorist, and occult photographer Daniel Yates has spent over twenty years dedicated to grassroots research into witchcraft practices in northern England. His current postgraduate research is focused on ritual practices in pre-Roman Lancashire. This background has informed a lot of the photographic work he has undertaken, which has seen publication in his book Arcanum alongside PILLARS: Circling the Compass (both under Anathema Publishing), Wyrd Vol 3 and Witch-Ikon (Three Hands Press). An extensive collection of his work will also feature in the forthcoming Ritual Space and the Crooked Path Beyond (Atramentous Press). Daniel lives in the valleys of Lancashire and you can learn more about him at

Ian C. Edwards PhD

Dr. Edwards attained his Ph.D in Clinical Psychology and holds both administrative and clinical positions at Duquesne University in Pennsylvania. He also both created and currently runs the Duquesne University Counseling and Wellbeing Centre. He has published a number of papers including A Prayer for Times of Despair and Anxiety (2017), Snowflakes in the Cemetery: A Theology of Revelation (2016) and Let it Be: Wellbeing as Fiat for a Life that Gives Birth to the Divine (2014). He has also run a variety of seminars and workshops on topics such as C.G. Jung’s Red Book: Liber Novus (2013), The Psychology and Spirituality of Consciousness (2013) and Meditation and Mindfulness in Psychosocial Interventions for Occupational Therapists (2019).